As the big three-zero arrives, a man should know what image he is trying to display, even if he cannot put a name to the image. By now preferences should have formed and key items should be well-worn. In this article I won’t be discussing the image that clothes bring  because by now you should have a firm grasp of what works with your body type, skin color etc. and what you like and don’t like. Instead, we’ll be looking at how the thirty year old male can look his best when he works with his wardrobe. Once again it’s important to note that these are general suggestions and are not for everyone. While style is known as a cross country phenomena and influential art form, fashion boils down to being something extremely personal. So be sure to wear things for the right reason – because you like and feel confident wearing it.

The Thirties

All this talk makes thirty seem like a time for heavy jackets, boat hats  and freshly polished walking-sticks, but we all know how young thirty is in this day and age. Men are interested in fashion like never before, there is increased emphasis on working out and looking good, and generally we are much more receptive to grooming products and regimes that keep us looking our youthful best for much longer. For many of you well into your thirties, I am sure that you still get mistaken for much younger –you may even LOOK younger now than when you were in your twenties.

Again, keeping in mind that I am only giving  you general advice – YOU will know your own look, body and youthfulness better than anyone. Remember that if you feel comfortable in something that might be classed as ‘young’ then keep rocking it! Staying comfortable will keep you confident – which has always been your best accessory. Just remember there is an extremely thin line that you need to be aware of when clinging to items or looks that no longer suit you. Just use common sense.

Suited & Booted

Every man should own a suit – and by the 30s, it should be a good one. Time to say goodbye to the glitter-ball prom suit that used to pull all the girls, you should now be considering cut and detailing much more carefully. Investing in timeless pieces with interesting twists (such as the Ring Jacket for H.Stockton below) will give an old classic a modern and youthful edge, producing both praise and an overall youthful appearance. Why not try experimenting with the detailing (a piped collar or a checked pattern?) in order breathe new life into your wardrobe.

Remember that your tailoring should also now FIT PERFECTLY. Through the twenties you were probably buying stuff off the rack in your closest size and thinking that it ‘will do’. However, once you have had a blazer or pair of trousers altered professionally to your specific needs, I assure you that you would  never go back. Even if you are not as comfortable with money as you thought you might be at this age, you can still buy high street versions get them altered to have them looking much more expensive than they are. This goes for everything – from your full suits to simple casual blazers.

Tailoring is an excellent way to inject some color into your outfits without having to opt for the brash neon hues and geometric patterns you used to incorporate. Bold yellows and striking reds may be out of the question once you progress through your thirties, but key autumn shades such as burgundy, olive green and camel are much more subtle and look great when tailored correctly and teamed with a basic shirt and slim trousers. The injection of rich color keeps your classic look contemporary and bang up to date.


Ring Jacket for H. Stockton


Ring Jacket for H. Stockton


Gable Peak Lapel Forest By: H.Stockton


Trussini for H. Stockton




















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