There are a lot of broken hearts after this Super Bowl. The hopes and dreams of many, as well as rent, grocery and strip club money were riding on the shoulder of Cam and his seemingly invincible Carolina Panthers. Unfortunately there was one reason and one reason only water head  Peyton was victorious.

Commentators are going to analyze the game and give you the take that Peyton’s Broncos were on a whole other level than the Panthers. Your going to hear that Cam stalled at critical moments when he should have been confident. You’re also going to hear from some, that overall Peyton was the most prepared of the two QB’s and also the most resilient, since he’s been there before and all. This is all a bunch of crock!

Peyton has to sell PIZZA’S plain and simple. If you notice the add for a 50 cent pizza deal was on all throughout the super bowl. Can Papa and Peyton afford to put an add like that out, while he’s playing and then you tune in and he’s losing?! Heck Naw they cant! This was a business super bowl not one based on talent and skill. This super bowl was based on sale projections and pizza dough.

Besides all the fact that this was a plot to line the pockets of Papa Johns and Peyton Manning, you should ask yourself’ “How are they able to give me a pizza for 50 cent anyway”? Lets break this deal down. I buy one pizza for 15 dollars and I get the second for 50cents. This make no sense what so ever. You pay more than 50 cent for the one topping that comes on the pizza, so how can you afford to give it away for that cheap? I know, I know; “Its a marketing ploy to sell more pizza”. Well if that was true why hasn’t any other pizza company tried it. Lil Caesars (like your friends sister when you guys were growing up)is hot and ready for $5 and even they charge $1 for additional toppings.

I’m not going to drag this out, I’m just putting a thought out there. How Can You Sell Me A Pizza For 50 Cents and expect me not to think about it. Just goes to show that every thing that glitters, isn’t gold, or cheese, or meat, or dough, or tomato sauce.

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