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As we all know opposites attract but just attracting isn’t always enough to keep a couple together, being to different and having nothing in common can create a rift in the relationship. So finding a way to make the relationship work can be a bit difficult but not totally impossible, all it takes is a little determination and a sprinkle of compromise.

Simply doing things together can help with this problem, if you like baseball and she likes shopping you could go to a baseball game one week and shopping the next. Compromising like this is the best way to keep you both happy and spend time together. While you may not totally enjoy something that she does meeting in the middle and doing things she enjoys and having her do things that you enjoy is the best way to meet in the middle. Helping to keep you both content with the relationship. 

Another thing that will help the two of you to work together as a couple would be to try to see why the other person enjoys whatthe like so much. Maybe she likes going to see plays so much because it was what she did as a kid with her mother. Understanding why they enjoy those things will help you to feel close with them about it and it could even cause you to like it a bit more. 

Trying new things together as a couple can help the situation as well. When you try new things together you can find new common interests, maybe you never considered yourself a science fiction fan but going to the movies with her every couple weeks to see the latest movie of the genre is something you both will enjoy. You never know until you try it, you both could wind up loving some similar things and the only thing keeping you from it is that you haven’t tried it. 

The defining thing of a happy and log lasting relationship is working through problems whether you have a million things in common or none. No problem is to big to work through so hike up your skirt and get to fixing your issues and building a strong relationship. 

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