I know people grieve and go through things a little differently than others, but what in the blue $*$*& is wrong with Kanye? Seriously? What is wrong with him?!I kinda like the guy, even with all of his wierdoness and narcissistic megalomaniacal behaviors he still seems to find a soft spot in my heart. Maybe, I have some tendencies of being a narcissistic megalomaniac and I can relate to that; hold up, this isn’t about me. Back to the subject, Kanye really needs to get a grip.

Ol Yeezy took to twitter a few days ago to hype up his new album “The Life of Pablo”  (Pablo Escobar maybe? You can never be to sure with Ye), and of course it was classic Yeezy. Arguing with twitter trolls; ranting and raving about his song list for Pablo and most importantly going on and on about his new refugee     Tron  Season 3 line of clothes. I’m all for free market manipulation and the capitalist’s dream, but what Kanye did at the event is what had me thinking “This guys is nuts”.

There are reports from gossip sites that Yeezy decided to pay fan to fill up seats at his events. While this is not an unusual move for many designers in the industry, what sent people into  a tizzy was the video game he made about getting his mother into heaven. Now I’m not one to talk about people’s mother; lemme stop lying, I’ll talk about your  mom’s; dad; sister and any of your ugly kids…I need to stop drinking coffee at 2 a.m., it makes me mean. Anyway, who makes a video game about getting their moms into heaven?! Who? Where? Kanye. What I find even more hilarious is the fact that this clown actually found someone or some company to help make that garbage a reality.

I dig the fact that Kanye wants to be a “free soul” but lets just be real, the guy is nuts and possibly demon possessed.  Actually after looking through 3 seasons of his clothing line he IS demon possessed.  Only a butt naked demon would allow you to make clothes like that for people and then complain when no one thinks its cool. I could go on, but it’ll just get out of hand and I want to keep it PG.


If I’ve in any means offended anyone of Kanye’s fans… Yo Momma.

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