Most men admit to having at least 25 pairs of socks in their drawers. Whilst black and grey remain traditional staples, they are being rapidly overtaken by more stylish offerings. No longer just a comfortable backdrop for the shoe to take centre-stage, the sock is stealing the limelight, providing a spectacular palette which says a huge amount about the personality of their owner.


Buying patterns have changed, particularly amongst young men who are now choosing their own array of socks (unlike their fathers and grandfathers who depended on their mothers and wives to stock their sock drawer!). There is now such a variety of sock designs available that socks have become one area of a man’s wardrobe where anything goes.

But what do the different styles and designs say about the man wearing them? What do your socks say about you?

Bright block colors but particularly red: Red is for power and displays an intention to get things done in a serious manner. A favorite with formal suits for business meetings.

Zany patterns: You’ve got a sense of adventure and a fun-loving personality. This person is not afraid to let their guard down even in formal settings and believes humor can add to any situation. Often chosen for a first date.
Stripes: These are worn by those who enjoy flirting with a more relaxed tone but essentially prefer the security of formality. Popular for those hoping to strike a business deal where creativity and business acumen must go hand-in-hand.

Motif socks: While not afraid to stand out from the crowd these socks are worn by men who like to belong to a club or collective group. They choose their club wisely but like the feeling of  being accepted and standing tall to represent a certain ethos. A must for sporting, social events and often supporting charities.

Black, brown, navy or grey: Worn by those who recognize the gravity of a situation and that formality in a traditional sense is the only way to go. Also the go-to sock when there is no right or wrong. Every wardrobe should have a selection of these as the very basics of a man’s must-have essentials.

Odd socks: For someone who wants to go with the flow. Their choice of odd socks is either through carefree habit or because they’re never that interested in seeking out a pair. They still manage to make a style statement though.


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