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All women are different, as everyone is unique in their own way. However, there are different types of women and genres to classify these women. In this article I am not trying to ‘label’ anyone or make you feel bad about the genre they fall under- the point of the article is to best show you how to deal with women of these genres if you happen to be with one.

Out of all the types of women there are, the most difficult to deal with is the Clingy type. These are the women who need to be around you constantly; they are always on you and don’t seem to understand what personal space is. Being with a clingy girl isn’t all bad. They rarely cheat, and you usually can tell when something is upsetting them. The question remains of how you actually deal with them- having ‘personal’ time is important. Talk to her about when you want to be alone and when to be with her. When you are with her don’t act annoyed by her, or ‘aloof’-it drives them crazy.

The ‘Overly Independent’ women are extremely interesting when dating. These are the women who don’t need you for anything, because they have anything they need already. I am great friends with a women of this sort; I can recall one of her break ups that really stands out as showing that she is overly independent. When they broke up, the man she had been dating told her that she didn’t need a man because she was one. When dealing with this kind of women, you need to be extremely confident in who you are because many times you will feel like the ‘woman’ in the relationship. The best thing you can do with this type of woman is be confident and accept that she’s an accomplished woman.

The “Woman” woman is one of the easiest women to deal with in a relationship because she is what you expect in a ‘stereotypical’ relationship- not too clingy and not too independent, but also not overly dependent on you. When you think of the ‘woman’ in a relationship, this type of woman fits it perfectly. All you really have to do is be the ‘man’ in the relationship and all that it entails.

There are probably hundreds of women in the world of women. These are just a few different types to help you deal with us. Generally speaking, almost all women fit into some category here. Again, this isn’t to make you feel intimidated by the fact that your girl fits into the clingy or needy category, it is to help you know how to deal with her if she does.

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