What your watch says about you

Your watch can say a lot about you. Out of the thousands of watch styles and looks out there, what made you choose the one on your wrist? A watch, more than any other accessory or item of clothing, can be a window into a man’s personality. So what does your watch say about you?

The Party Boy

The man who wears a Rolex knows he can do no wrong with a watch from this legendary brand. When you’ve achieved something in life, then you can reward yourself with something expensive. He wants a watch that looks as good with his suit as with his swim trunk on the beach.

This watch matches everything and doesn’t stand out too much. With neutral colors and a simple design, it’s a classic. The guy wearing the watch? Doesn’t follow the trends of what he should be wearing and how he should be looking–instead, he has a classic style that never goes out. He knows what he wants and how to look good without looking like he is trying to hard.

He allows himself luxury cars, clothing from trendy labels and fantastic holidays and his watch is as much as an investment as it is a statement. He is a creature of habit, eating at restaurants familiar to him, and the same is true when he chooses a watch – he likes to know what he’s getting.

The Horology Snob

This man keeps his collection in a safe, can spot a fake Rolex at 10 paces and will happily judge you on your Timex. His style can go under a lot of watches; with bright colors and interesting designs, the watch is a work of art. The guy behind the watch is likely to be a trend setter, far from the throws of a follower. He likely always want the next best thing and always is in style. He’s unique and artistic and enjoys embracing that.

When you see a gentleman sporting a Patek Philippe watch, you can confidently say “This man drives a big Mercedes or an vintage Jaguar (or vice-versa)”. Believe this,  he has probably been reading newspapers since he was 16.

The Kid Inside

Watches like hands are for squares. Here’s the man who does not  have a clue about what is and what’s what; he almost certainly been to the Cereal Killer Cafe. I once met a man who wore a Spongebob watch every day. When I asked him why he wore it, he responded “I like it”. Style doesn’t matter to this man; what matters is that he “likes it”. He likes what he likes and no one can tell him otherwise. It doesn’t matter what the trends say are “in” or whether it tells his heart rate. While it’s never in style to wear these watches, the wearer of such may claim accessories such as these to be vintage; in reality it can be updated every six months from Wal-Mart  . 

The Techie

The man who wears this watch is only interested in the future. Keep your antiques and your class, and watch how his watch lights up with notifications and his bezel can change colors to match his tie. His watch is likely to have a lot of different settings–telling you the day, email, weather, and even your heart rate.

It’s not so much about the style, even though he may not wear the cheapo version. To the man, its about features, what can the watch do? Can it make a phone call? Read my text messages? It’s all about the futuristic components and the Tech behind it, style comes second.

The Trendy Man

It’s always a pleasure seeing adrenaline junkies with their exuberant facial expressions. Fans of Tag Heuer overcome their limits. Even if it’s just a stroll through the neighbor’s garden.

With hooded shirts and a cap bearing the TAG Heuer logo, these price-conscious watch wearers watch car racing and space expeditions on pay-per-view and don’t need much else. There’s enough that can go wrong when grilling.



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