So I decided that I would write a short piece this week chronicling little know facts or accomplishments in Black History. Enjoy!

The worlds best chess master is a 17 year old Bronx native   who goes by the name of Justus Williams.


Justus became a chess master at the age of 12 along with two other stellar African American youths. The three have accomplished what has never been done before  by three of the youngest players of any race to gain the title of Chess Master. Justus gained his title after getting 18 points at the Chess Center of New York and ended the tournament with a 2200 USCF rating. His score qualified him for the National Master title.  This made officially made him the youngest African American to earn the Title, previously held by another African American prodigy, Kassa Korely who made master at age 15.


  • 2015 12th Grade National Champion
  • 2013 All American Team
  • Qualified for the 2013 World Youth Championship in United Arab Emirates
  • 2013 Junior Open Champion
  • 2013 U.S. Cadet Champion and 4 year scholarship winner to UMBC
  • Earned IM Norm in the North American Event
  • Earned title of FM (now he’s FM Justus Williams)
  • Tied for first in North American Championship
  • Tied for first in 10th grade nationals
  • Earned invite to prestigious 2014 Junior Closed event in St. Louis
  • Made the United States All American Team 3 Times (2010,2011,2012)
  • 2012 USCF National Champion, 9th Grade
  • U1600 Winner 4+ times at the historical Marshall Chess Club
  • Honored at the Historical Marshall Chess Club as the “Future of Chess!!
  • Member of the Unites States Chess League with phenomenal GMs and IM (team won 2011)
  • Featured in “Xtreme Chess” – mini-series covering the top scholastic chess players in the country
  • Represented the United States 4 times in Brazil (2), Greece (1) , Montreal (1)
  • Invited to Johannesburg, South Africa to teach chess at the Capricorn School
  • Currently made MSNBC”s “Top 100 Black Celebrities” list (Number 40)
  • 2010 K6 Elementary Chess Champion (Atlanta)
  • 2009 Empire state chess champion (adult tournament) (Saratogo Springs)
  • Received special invitation to numerous United States Chess Schools (attended 5)
  • Founder of the “Dare to Be Different Foundation”
  • 2012 Winner of the Sneakers for Scholars Competition (Brooklyn)
  • Featured in Documentary film titled “Brooklyn Castle”, which is due for release this summer.
  • 2012 Featured National Master of CHESS NYC, New York City leader in Chess Development and Achievement.

Most Recent Accomplishment:

Justus recently handed a mauling to the Number 1 Chess player in the world Magnus Carlsen.


I’ve been a master a many things, Master Manipulator; Master Spades Reneger; Master Monopoly Player; heck, Ive even been a Master B…never mind. What I’m trying to say is that to be a Chess Master is an awesome feat and its even better to do it at such a young age. I’ve played chess for years and I would’ve never thought that it was an expensive sport. Taking into consideration (if your actually GREAT at it) the travel to different countries for tournament play, the long hours of practice and the huge hourly rates for coaching and training (over $100 an hour). Its not wonder that many African American children don’t get the opportunity to really delve deep into the art of the game.

Side Note: I wonder if there’s something to these names; Justus & Magnus, hmmm. Anyway.

Congrats to you Justus Williams for doing it big in February



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