Being “Boogie” isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it really isn’t a good thing either. We all have had times in which we have been “Boogie”. Sometime being boogie comes out in a relationship, sometimes it come out in friendships, sometimes being “Boogie” rears its boogie head at the most inopportune time, like love making; that would actually be horrible. All in all just because you have a boogie moment, that doesn’t classify you as a boogie person; unless you have consistent boogie moments. That would make you completely Boogie. henceforth I bring to you, “Things Boogie People Like” .

Boogie people trip me out during their “Boogie fits”, especially when it comes to Bey. Don’t get me wrong, I think that she’s a pretty good entertainer and all, but what about her turn women into mindless zombies?  We all saw her in a “Michael Jackson” type ensemble as she performed ‘Formation’, a song that supposedly references the BLM movement; in front of the million, and millions of her fans and stans this past Sunday. What triggered my “Spidey Senses” was the reaction I saw when she announced her World Tour. It was like I could feel all the Bey fans say in one voice” I hope my tax returns hit right before the tickets go on sale”. Really?!

What I find most marvelous, are the justifying conversations during this particular “Boogie Fit”.  For instance, I asked a few people what is it about that makes them want to divorce the male species and latch on to the nipple of life, that is Beyonce? Would you like to know what I heard? I heard… “Beyoncé is a musician who writes about what  she wants to and what affects her..”  So does the guy who sells hotdogs on the corner of 5th and Stanton, but I don’t see anyone defending him when he squirts mustard on a dog and you just said “hold the yella”. If you think I’m lying go ask your favorite female, if she doesn’t say the same thing, I’ll buy you a pizza from Papa Johns.

P.S. I have nothing against Bey or her fans, I’m just sick of you guys going all “Walking Dead” every time she appears, with cho’ boogie self.


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