Flint Michigan, currently designated as an atrocity to the United States and its citizens. The current crisis this city and its people are facing should be labeled as attempted genocide. Over 99 thousand plus people lives have been directly affected and countless others have been indirectly harmed as well.  Children have been harmed by the effect of years of drinking contaminated waters, which will inevitably influence future and immediate genetic imprints. Parental trusts have been devastated by ignorance and lack of collaborative and collective oversight of current and past local government officials.

All of these mistrusts and critical effects have crippled the fashion industry in that area as well. For the past 10 or so years, people have been secretly drinking polluted waters. I’m wondering if anyone considered how that pollution has perverted the minds of up and coming fashion influences. Lead affects the body in different ways, but some things are consistent across the board. Effects of lead in general include; motor nerve dysfunction as well as cardio-vascular malfunctioning.

The high probability of neurological damage could be blamed for the lack of fashion creativity and boom.  I shudder to think of how many great minds, fashion designers and fragrance developers have been lost due to the poising of the city water supply. Big box stores such as Neiman Marcus although luxurious work on autopilot. Most employees are either receiving O.T.J (On the Job Training), or are individuals who may hold an interest in fashion, but not “Higher end “. What I’m simply saying is that Big Boxes don’t need a developers mind on the floor.

Developers are in their own stores. They are designing and shaping the industry and its trends. Flint Michigan’s water issue has taken that away from us. What few luxury male boutiques within Flint have also suffered the same fate.  Their styles have been deviated by lead poising. Suits are made with little care, while styles are retroed back to the early 2000’s, at best.

Individuals such as disgraced Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick, claim to have known about this disaster since early 2000. My issue with him is if he knew about the contamination since then, why didn’t he forewarn the inhabitants? Honestly Kwame, if you’re going to blab and complain about things now, (only because you’re confined behind bars) at least you should have looked better than you did during your tenure or did you drink of the polluted water as well?

I mean if I went to prison for embezzlement, my suits would have been made to measure one of a kind bespoke and not measured out by the little lady at K&G.

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