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We all have our own unique style; some of us prefer suits and ties, others like jeans and a graphic tee.  While this article in the series is titled what to wear, it’s more like, what not to wear. What do men wear that women hate, and how you can bring your style to a point that she will enjoy seeing. 

 I am just being honest, there is one thing that I cannot resist, and that is a man in a suit- a nice suit, though. Cheap suits that don’t fit properly are an absolute no-go. Another thing I have seen a man do was to wear a suit jacket with a dirty looking white shirt under it, with jeans. It looked horrible- almost like a homeless man who found a nice jacket. So if you have a classy style, or are going to a fancy place for your date, go for a nice suit, but make sure that it fits properly, is clean, and looks good.

Then there are the guys who think they have style, that style being wearing clothes that are way too big. I don’t just mean wearing big baggy pants and showing us your underwear the way monkeys show off their red behinds- I also mean the big baggy shirts. It doesn’t look good on anyone. It’s a fad that should never be followed. If you want to look good, go for something that looks good on you and something that doesn’t show your underwear. Dress like a man, and not like a 13 year old boy trying to be “cool.”

One of the most annoying things women do when getting dressed is dressing like a plain Jane, just wearing some basic jeans and a basic shirt with no added details or extra pieces. It is not just women who suffer from this predicament, and the only way to prevent and fix it is to add some detail to your outfit. Instead of just jeans a shirt, you can add a nice belt, a good looking hat or beanie, or even a nice watch. The added details tie together an outfit better than anything else, plus it makes it look like you put a little more thought into it, which she will appreciate. 

Having your own style is one of the best things you can have, but just make sure it’s a good style. My boyfriend has a very laid back style, and it looks good and works. It looks well done and ties together perfectly, you wouldn’t expect that he only takes 60 seconds to put it together as well as throw it on. You don’t have to put a lot of effort into your style to look good, just make sure it looks clean and good. 

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