Classic Fragrances Every Man Should Own

What Makes A Classic? There are literally thousands of great men’s fragrances out there from designer to niche, but truly classic scents are an altogether rarer breed. Among all the amazing concoctions, there are probably fewer than fifty that have survived fads and fashions to achieve iconic status and meet men’s, rather exacting, demands. [...]

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What To Do When You Have Nothing In Common

Renezmai Rude As we all know opposites attract but just attracting isn’t always enough to keep a couple together, being to different and having nothing in common can create a rift in the relationship. So finding a way to make the relationship work can be a bit difficult but not totally impossible, all it takes [...]

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A Different Look For Your Casual Denim

So I’ve done articles that have focused on expanding on the tailored elements of your wardrobe, but what about your casual pieces, surely they could use some attention too? They certainly do and what better place to start than where most guys have the most pain – jeans. […]

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What To Do If Your Girl Doesn’t Get Along With Your Family

Renezmai Rude  Family is all you for as my mother used to say… Well when we were still on speaking terms. In high school I had a lot if problems with my adoptive parents, when I turned 18 I moved out as quick as I could. You may be asking how this relates to you, [...]

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