Kadele Talks with Singer, Songwriter Daryl Yahudy

Kadele Products has done it again with another ground breaking interview with YouTube pop sensation Daryl Yahudy. In this interview we discuss singing, poetry and the many other things that get this sensational artist motivated. We also discuss fashion and fragrances as well. Enjoy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T2PZUfqECbI

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Classic Fragrances Every Man Should Own

What Makes A Classic? There are literally thousands of great men’s fragrances out there from designer to niche, but truly classic scents are an altogether rarer breed. Among all the amazing concoctions, there are probably fewer than fifty that have survived fads and fashions to achieve iconic status and meet men’s, rather exacting, demands. [...]

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Dating Advice- The Best Advice I Ever Got

By: Renezmai Rude The best dating advice I ever received came from my 75 year old grandmother who has been with my grandfather since high school and has known him since the second grade. The wonderfully wise and slightly annoying old lady told me to “Evaluate the Relationship, not the person”. […]

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