I know this goes against all conventional methods of thinking, but when you your going to throw an after party, Don’t Invite The Super Fine Chick! Sure you’re wondering, “What’s wrong with this guy”, “He’s lost his darn mind”, “Why the ____ wouldn’t I invite the super bad chick to the party”? Well, here are some reason why.


Yes, she is hot, hotter than a stolen 380 on a Friday night, but besides that what her purpose? ¬†Unless you’re that guy that’s super popular or super wealthy, think about what her purpose at your party is. One, she’s not your friend. How do I know, because if she doesn’t hang out with you if you’re not at an event, then she’s just there for the ride Bub. Don’t listen to me though, ask her, she’ll tell you.


Besides looking good, what other activity will she serve? She’s not really going to be talking much because most of the guys at the party are either terrified of her beauty or they know they know their talk game sloppier than a septic tank. This leaves her in a pretty awkward position, she’s either going to be eyeballed to death or bored out of her mind and withdrawn to the cellphone.


Unlike the other girls at the party, she’s the center of attention, even if not directly. You’re regular friends girlfriend is going to be highly upset with you, when her man’s eyeball is swirling around his head trying to keep up with her every movement. Unless you can gather five or more girls of her caliber in the same spot, avoid this disaster.


Let’s be clear, there is an agenda behind you inviting this masterpiece to your party; you want to flex in front of the guys. The problem with this is flexing can get you in trouble. Your friends know you and they know your skill level. even though they are jealous to see such a woman at your event, they have recognized that she only pops up when its a scene, i.e. parties. They see how you try to cater to her every whim and how she’s really not into you either. You’re ability to flex has worked only for the self serving purpose of look at me, I’m a fraud. Don’t do it.

At the end of the day, theres nothing wrong with inviting the hot girl to your party, just be wise about it. Enjoy!!


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