One of man’s biggest adversary is his underwear. One major issue that plague men and underwear, is the material they are made out of (most time cotton). The problem with cotton lies in its durability, breathability and shape retention.  Most cotton underwear often starts off wonderfully fitted, especially around the thighs, but after one or two washes it looses its hold…literally. Secondly, cotton doesn’t adjust with either you or the temperature you are in.  Cotton is made to retain heat, so when the tempt goes up, it stays up. Then why is cotton used for so many clothing’s and why do we want it? This is because Conventionally manufactured cotton must be chemically processed to become the soft fiber that consumers love.  During this process the cotton has to undergo a bombardment of chemical processes to help it retain its look and feel.  Not only that, but The chemical residues of these processes constitute the major sensitivity problems experienced by people suffering from Multiple Chemical Sensitivities.  All of these factors play a role in the longevity usage one gets from wearing this particular fabric.  
     The next problem with these types of underwear lie in the cost to value ratio.  Although cotton at its heart is a valuable commodity and a rich resource, manufactures rarely produce organic cotton for public consumption in clothing.  What the consumer normally ends up with are products that can’t fit the bill and lose integrity under multiple washes and dryings. At the end of the day, who wants to pay a lot for such miserable quality?

     So what’s the solution? If most underwear is made out of processed cotton and getting organically made cotton products are nearly out of the question? After some research, we’ve come across merrell wool underwear. Merino wool not only keeps you cool when hot and warms you up when cool, but it’s also breathable and keeps form, which address two of the biggest issues in the underwear game.


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