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I can recall watching the first season of survivor as a kid and thinking wow, these people are in a win win situation. They have the opportunity to win 1,000,000, and get TV exposure.  As the years went by more reality shows came about, all attached with prizes and drama.  I almost felt like I was being forced to partake in some type of reality show. I mean you go to school and everyone was talking about all these reality shows, Real World; Survivor; American Idol; and Big Brother just to name a few.

I will admit though, I tuned in to American Idol and Survivor on a regular. I was in a phase in life when I thought TV would actually show someone dying while trying to win that  $1,000,000, and I liked the way Simon Cowell blasted the people that couldn’t sing, it was priceless.  Then I fast forward to today and see all these so called “stars” on reality TV. I know you’re probably pondering why you hating? If this is your question go and drink a glass of bleach on the rocks because I’m entitled to my opinion.

Honestly, people look at some of these shows and adopt the personalities of the characters in real life; don’t even get me started on shows like Real House Wives, where not one of them is an actual house wife or is even a wife. As a matter of fact a few of them proved not to even have a house! Beep… Beep… Beep…Beep… Beep… News Flash!!! Reality TV is not reality.

Somebody else’s personality is going to get you slapped out here by a really real individual. Where has the originality gone and when will it return? Just my opinion though, should you have any complaints concerning this opinion piece, put them on the back of a twenty-dollar bill and send it to the listed address.

735 I Don’t Care Ln.

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