Recently I made a big move! I went from living in a townhouse in the city to an 8-acre country home in the middle of nowhere. I must say it is a completely different walk of life out here than it was in the city. If you are thinking about making a big move like I did this article will definitely help you decide whether it is right for you or not!

I moved out here to be closer to my family, now that I am around them constantly it’s a little too close for my liking at times but I don’t mind. When you move as far out as I did, though; which is roughly 35 miles from the nearest Fred Meyer and 5 miles from the nearest store of any kind you really want to think about the people you care about. If you are making the move out to the middle of nowhere are you moving closer or away from the people you care about. If you are moving away think about the gas it will take to see them and how often you will be able to actually see them.
Are you a people person or an Animal person? If you are a people person living in the middle of nowhere may not be the best decision for you. Realistically you won’t be around people unless you drive out to be around people or invite them over. Being as far out as I am to talk to other people I need to walk about a mile to talk with anyone who is not already in my house. If you are a people person this may drive you crazy. If you are an animal person more than a people person this may be the perfect situation for you. When you have space and live far out you can have as many animals as you want. Currently, I am thinking about getting a pigmy goat and I already have 5 chickens, 2 dogs, three cats and two bunnies.
When you live away from the world you don’t have high speed anything. For example, where I live I don’t get cable so I have Netflix, Hulu and things of that sort. The internet is horrible and extremely slow which is difficult for me considering I work online as a freelance writer. So if internet connection and television is your thing living out in the middle of nowhere may not be the best decision for you.
Living out in the country has been a dream come true for me even though the wifi is slower than a slug and I can’t watch Television. I love how quiet it is, how relaxing and simple. There are no loud neighbors and I can do as I please here. If you think living in the middle of nowhere is for you consider how well it would work for your lifestyle.

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