Joel Isaac
Pool side, lounging; crisp turquoise water, invigorating; golden sun, glistening. These are the words to describe your provocative summer get-away. Until then, you’ll have to smell like it. Ladies and gentlemen, I present your summer scent in a sleek engaging bottle that evokes persuasion in it’s modernity.  A whisper in likeness to Neroli Portofino by Tom Ford. So irresistibly sexy, it desires to be worn on the neck, the arms, the chest, and the body.

Top Notes of bergamot, mandarin, and green leaves; this cocktail creates a refreshing, splashy introduction sprinkled with aromatic greenery. This is known as the “cleanest” stage of the fragrance. Through the mid notes, a heart of florals greets you, meeting you with a crisp breeze of neroli with undertones of jasmine. As it continues to unfold, the dry down is a subtle amber base.
Invest in the shower gel or bath soap to give you that neroli freshness right out of the shower, the body lotion to moisturize the skin for fragrance longevity, the deodorant stick to enhance the citrusy experience when heavy movement is required, and most importantly the fragrance, Tom Ford Neroli Portofino Eau de Parfum. This fragrance also comes as a lighter Eau de toilette – known as the Aqua – and an intensified version, the Forte – bringing out more of the smokyness of the neroli paired with deep oakmoss and a leathery note.
In conclusion, this fragrance covets a more personal experience. The longevity; precise, the sillage; perfect. So cheers to a great experience and memories made under the golden sun, lounging by the pool, smelling all kinds of fabulous.

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