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Living with someone else can be something that can not only be extremely stressful, but it can also cause a lot of problems in the relationship. When you move in together, you are essentially combining your lives, which can be extremely difficult; this sort of joining can make or break your relationship. 

A lot of problems begin once the two of you move in together. You may think that your girl is fantastically perfect, but now that you guys are around each other constantly, that opinion might begin to change now that you guys can’t just go home and relax when the other annoys you. You have to continue to deal with them constantly, and personal space may not be the easiest thing to get. Another thing that can begin to cause problems is that you might start to see that your “perfect” girl is not so perfect after all. Now that you guys are together non-stop, you will really be getting to know each other, which means that you will get to see all her flaws. 

So, how do you deal with these problems? Well, first off, having a place where you can go to for some alone time- this can be a small office, your friend’s house, or a bathroom with your phone. It may seem weird to go into a bathroom for some alone time, but it is definitely necessary when dealing with someone that much. Also, don’t be afraid to talk to your girl about what’s going on. If it drives you crazy when she moves your stuff around, let her know; talk to her about a new place where you can put them so she won’t want to move them. Basically, communicating any problems with her when they start is an important thing to do, as she will just continue to do them, unless you do. No matter what, when you move in together, things can be a bit difficult at first, considering how much of a change it will be, but it can also be wonderful. 

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