Joel Issac
A layered masterpiece. By themselves, Noir De Noir and Luna Rossa are a perfumer’s dream creation. However, layered properly, these powerhouse fragrances create a lethal experience that can cause even the coldest of hearts to yearn for a night with Noir de Luna Rossa  extreme over and over again. This duet takes the midnight rose of Noir de Noir by Tom Ford and compliments it with an invigorating ensemble of black pepper, amber, and lavender from Pradas’ Luna Rossa Extreme. CV-MFACT26523482170--fact_deal-Craftsvilla_3
Starting with Noir de noir as your base, spray closely to the skin, closer than you are going to apply Luna Rossa Extreme. The more Noir De Noir concentrate, the more you smell it’s luscious rose during the dry down.packaging
When applying Luna Rossa, spray just below a foot away to create a mist falling over your skin, more specifically, where you applied Noir De Noir and around it.
Personally, because of the way these perfumes perform on my skin, I bring out more of the spice in Luna Rossa and the rose in Noir De Noir. My experience is a sensual spicy rose, gilded in warm amber and hints of vanilla.
Voila! Enjoy!

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