This really isn’t an article bashing Kanye, its more like a amusing synopsis of his ego’s development and his enterprising venture into fashion When Kayne first hit the  public scene in 03 with The College Dropout , I was like “Wait a minute, this guy may be on to something”. His delivery was masterful and his  beats were out of this world.

After College Dropout, he came right back and gave us Late Registration. I never really understood the methodology behind the college references, but I always thought that bear’s image were gansta. Anywho, time goes on and eventually this guy becomes a household name and a solid figure with the ROC.

A short time later, in 04/05 we see our first red flag from Kanye as he throws a hissy fit and storms out the AMA after losing Best New Artist. I cant necessarily say I blame the guy; he did lose to a chick who’s hit single was “Redneck Woman” (I wonder how much liquor you have to drink to listen to this stuff)? Even still, it was a red flag that we ignored. less than 8 months later Kayne set it off again, this time on NBC. He spewed out his mouth the most infamous/famous line of the decade “George Bush doesn’t care about black people”; he wasn’t lying, George actually showed he hates everyone who isn’t a Bush (see 9/11/2011).

Now its 2006, and we’ve seen at least two to four red flags, depending on who you ask. Kayne goes onto be on the front of Rolling Stone with a crown of thorns on his head. I’m all about creativity and all, but this guy actually thought he was legitimately being persecuted for his own chitter chatter (he was Wild N Out way before Nick Cannon). Kayne then decides to change up his style a bit and this is where the roller coaster ride that is Yeezy fly’s off the track. He introduces autotune into his tracks, which isn’t so bad if you’re not T-Pain, and then he wears those 1980’s geek squad, curtain blind shades and they ignite the world! Everyone had them from children to adults to different nationalities.

Not only does Yeezy change the game up with his music, he also starts to influence fashion. He reintroduces the dumbest shades in history back into mainstream society, while simultaneously introducing the “Black Mullet”and Amber Rose; the heck!!  Fast forward life to 2015 and Yeezy has struck again. He’s impregnated and married blacklight video vixen Kim Kardashian, (he married her man, he married her)!! He then decides to bring outfits from The Walking Dead: Slave Holder Edition out with price tags that would make any HypeBeast’s face ball up. What I  find hilarious is that it sells out; completely!!! Even Adidas gets on the Yeezy train and sells flea market  shirts for obscene amounts.

These series of unfortunate events (for us) bolster Yeezy’s megalomaniac ego. He goes in on the fashion industry for not supporting him and when that doesn’t get him the attention he wants, he remembers his ex, old faithful; Amber. Hey if you’re insatiable appetite for attention isn’t being fulfilled, do what any other psycho would do, pick a fight with your ex and her boyfriend. After Amber fingers him (pun intended) for being a straight up sucker, he then decides to back off a bit. Maybe he’ll use that comment she made to launch Yeezy Season 3 : The Open Edition.

Get down Ye, go head get down!

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