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So the two have you been together for a while now, and you are wondering whether it is time to take the next step. Marriage is a huge step to take and it is important to be sure that the both of you are ready, if you think you are ready you may be wondering if she is. Most people think that it is the guy who has problems preparing for marriage but that is not always the case. When my boyfriend and I first moved in together I was the one freaking out about the commitment not him and that was just owning an apartment together. 

More often than not women won’t come out and say they are ready for marriage but they will leave hints. If a woman is ready for marriage it is not hard to tell if you know what to look for. One of the biggest ways to tell if she is ready for marriage is if she is talking about your future often, that doesn’t necessarily mean that she is naming your future kids already. It means that she is talking about your future for the next few years, like getting a pet or planning a vacation next year. When she begins making plans such as this you can clearly see that she is expecting the two of you to be together for a while. 

Another way to tell if she is ready for marriage is if she is taking you around her family more often. Family approval is huge for women and if you don’t get her family’s approval it will tear her apart, so she starts bringing you around them more often so that you all can warm up to each other. Pay attention if she is suddenly planning more time with her family for the both of you, if you suddenly find yourself being taken to relatives weddings and BBQs you assume that she is getting serious about the two of you.

There are also women who basically come out and say that they are ready for marriage, they are looking at wedding rings on their phone and showing you what a princess cut looks like, they are talking about what kind of flowers would look good at the wedding, they make it extremely obvious. If they are doing this you should have no concern about them saying no if you get down on one knee. 

If you think you are ready for marriage but are not sure if she is the best thing you can do is ask how she feels about your future together, if she says that she sees a future together know that when you do ask she is in fact ready. If she says she hasn’t thought about it or isn’t ready to settle down give her some time to come around. Asking to soon may scare her off. No matter what follow your heart and do what is best for you!

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