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Being the jealous one in the relationship is extremely difficult to deal with, especially when you know you are being over dramatic but still can’t help it. As a sequel to the article, I wrote about dealing with a jealous girlfriend, but didn’t go over how to deal with being the jealous one. 

The first thing you need to do is check how you are feeling- what are you jealous of? Is it because your girl is flirting with another guy deliberately, or is it because a guy looked at her a little too long? Look at what is upsetting you from a different perspective; if you are jealous because a guy looked at her, is that something that you should let bother you? It’s not something that she can help, so just take it as a compliment that your girl is attractive. If you are jealous because she was flirting with another guy, that’s a different story of course. That is something that she controls, so you need to consider working that our with her. 

After you check your feelings of jealousy and what is causing them, now it’s time to talk to her about them. Explain to her why you are feeling jealous and what the both of you can do to stop it. Don’t just tell her what she is doing wrong. Open the discussion for her to correct you on your behavior as well. For all you know, she could be jealous of something’s that she hasn’t told you about- opening that discussion up will help the both of you. If she was flirting with a guy in front of you, she may not have noticed what she was doing. This happens to me all the time. Pointing it out without being too harsh will help the both of you. It will help ease your jealousy, as well as help her to notice her behavior more. 

The last thing that needs to be done when you are dealing with jealousy is to carry out what the two of you talked about, and make sure she does too. If she pointed out that she gets jealous of how much time you spend with your friends, spend more time with her- not just once, but often to keep those feelings from coming back. The same goes for her- if you tell her that flirting with other guys makes you jealous or insecure in your relationship, correct her if she does it again, and ask her to continuously not do it. 

No one wants to feel jealous in a relationship, so it is extremely important to talk to your partner and get your emotions sorted out. Being confident in your relationship is vital to a healthy, happy, and long-lasting relationship.

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