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When introducing your girlfriend to a female friend, it should never be a situation taken lightly. Your girlfriend may seem relaxed and fine around your friend, and even enjoy being around her, but 9 times out of 10, in the back of her mind she is thinking about whether you really are “just friends”. Some people believe that men and women can’t just be friends–I disagree. My best friend is a guy, and my boyfriend has a few female friends, so I have been in both situations. Just being friends with my Best Friend has prevented him from keeping a few women in his life because they couldn’t stand the idea of his best friend being a girl or “competition”, even though I am not and never was.  

So, what can you do if your girlfriend is jealous or can’t stand the idea of you having a female friend? Well, first off, hopefully she isn’t a female friend that you have dated or “been with,” because that is just going to make it so much worse for you to deal with, because your girlfriend will always have that in her mind. Another thing that will help you in this situation is to bring your girlfriend along when you and your female friend spend time together. That way your girlfriend can see that you are, in fact, not in any kind of physical or emotional relationship with her. Another thing that you can do is not to talk about her too much to your girlfriend. Yea, tell her about that funny story, but don’t drone on and on about her like you are absolutely obsessed with her. 

When it comes that time for you and your friend to go spend time together without your girlfriend, your girlfriend will probably ask where you guys are going. Don’t make it seem like the two of you are going on a date. Talk like you are just going to spend time with your guy friends–not like you are going to have a super special time with a pretty girl who is not your girlfriend. 

Having a female friend and a girlfriend who get along without jealousy is not as hard as it might seem; really, it is just a matter of treating your girlfriend like your girlfriend and your friend as your friend, and not getting that mixed up. Making sure your girlfriend knows and understands that you only have feelings for her, and your female friend is about as much competition as “one of the guys”.

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