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Dealing with a jealous girl is no easy feat- they can lash out and cause a significant rift in the relationship. It’s not something that should be taken lightly. Jealousy varies from light to a decent amount, to insanely jealous, and they should all be dealt with slightly different.
I am extremely confident in my relationship with my man, but there are still times that even I feel jealous some times. However, I understand that I have nothing to worry about because if my man were to cheat, he probably would have done it by now- he just isn’t the cheating type. I would be considered light on the spectrum of jealousy. The best way to deal with women like that- which in all honesty is all women- would be to just tell her that she is your girl and no one else. All you really have to do is keep her confident in the relationship. Considering most women are like this, just making sure to keep her sure of the relationship is the only real way to deal with this.
Women who fall in the center of the jealousy spectrum are the type that let it show just enough so you know something is wrong. If you are going out with a female friend and she gets upset with you, enough so that you know something is wrong, they would be the center of the spectrum. These women are not far from the light spectrum in how you deal with them. Not only do you need to do your best to keep her confident on the relationship, you also need to do extra little things for her. If she has a problem with you going bowling with friends- especially when a few of them are single girls- make sure that you do something extra for her the next day or soon after to make her feel better about the situation and reassure her that she is your girl and not them.
The majorly jealous are the hardest to deal with. While you should also go out of your way to make her feel special, often times you should accept that being jealous is just part of her personality in the relationship. Of course, treating her like a goddess, taking her on dates, and doing little special things for her will help ease that jealousy- it may very well just be a part of who she is. Accepting that may be hard, and depending on who you are, lead to a break up. Jealously isn’t always avoidable. At this area of the spectrum- it often means that she just isn’t confident in herself or the relationship as a whole. Trying to deal with it is good, but rarely works at this point. Consider what she is jealous about, though; if the roles were reversed would you be jealous as well? Often times the answer is yes, so work around it.

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