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I have given a lot of dating advice over the past couple weeks, but haven’t given a lot of relationship advice- advice about the deep and personal part of being with a woman. Today we will be going over something men tend to fail at; that being how to ask and convince a women to try new things sexually. This isn’t always the easiest thing to bring up, and so I have put together some ways to make it easier.
One thing that may not seem a big deal to you but is a huge deal to us women is when you bring it up. Don’t bring up something you want to try in the moment if it is something big. If it is something small like a new position you want to try, goahead and ask in the moment. If it is something big like bondage or handcuffs, bring it up beforehand. The reason for this is a lot of time there are ‘conditions’ to abide by, and in the moment, that’s not something you want to stop and discuss. For example, when my manĀ and I are having sex, I don’t mind being handcuffed or tied up, as long as he doesn’t leave the room while I am. Asking beforehand makes it easier to discuss things like that.
Another place that men go wrong in trying to get women to try new things is to act as if things aren’t good to begin with, as if you are not satisfied with your girl sexually. That my friend is a one way street to a huge fight. The best way to go about asking to try new things is to compliment and bring up how this new thing is interesting. For example, if I were to ask my man to try a new position, the way I would want to be asked is to say “we have been having a lot of fun lately doing so and so, we should try _____”. Asking this way keeps things light without being insulting, which is what you want.
So you have how to ask her, but what about convincing her? We women are surprisingly easy to convince to try new things- all you have to do us say what’s in it for us. If my man wants to convince me to try some crazy position or costume is to tell me how good the position is for the female, or how good I’ll look in the costume. Instead of going about how you think it’s hot and fantastic, tell your girl why she should think it’s hot and fantastic.
Talking about sex with your partner shouldn’t be something to stress about. For a happy and healthy relationship, sexual communication is key. So sit her down and get to talking about those naughty fantasies.


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