Fashion, music and fragrance go together like a well crafted peanut butter and jelly sandwich. When I think about getting prepared for a night on the town or even a day at work, the clothes I wear correlates to the music I listen too. When I consider my own style I see this process through to the end and I wonder if this is unique to me, or is this shared by enthusiasts of the three arts?

My morning probably consists of the same routine of most people; hit the snooze button a couple of times, get out of bed, check my phone for the first set of early morning updates, brush my teeth hit the shower and think. This is where I may vary. After I get out the shower, I’ve mentally gone through a vast array of color combinations that I see in my head and I consider what I have in my closet.  when I exit the shower, my prowess starts to fade becasue now I have to deal with other factors, (namely children).

This is when I step into my compensation stage; by listening to a few tunes from a list of my favorite artists (Breezy and Bang Boogie) or listening to some instrumentals. The vibe I get from these sources stimulate my hippocampus and now i can clearly see those colors I mentioned earlier. Once I’ve listened myself into a nice array of clothing, I take into consideration how my color scheme and musical happiness will mesh with my fragrance selection.

Rule of thumb for me: If I’m listening to vocals I feel the urge to indulge in woody, spicy or oud type of scents such as Ateliers Cologne’s Gold Leather or YeYe Parfum Sentiers De Comètes . When I listen to instrumentals, orangey, aromatic scents come to mind. Either way it’s a win win product for not only myself but for the individuals I will bless with my presence later.

What’s your take or routine when mixing music fragrance and style?

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