We recently went over how to properly shave and the ins and outs of preventing razor bumps, as well as the razor rusting.

Now, lets discuss how to pick a razor that will work for you and your skin. Irritation from shaving isn’t always your fault; sometimes it’s because the razor you are using isn’t good for you.

After the first challenge of selecting the appropriate razor for your wet shaving setup, then the question of which blade comes in to play. With the increased popularity of traditional wet shaving over the past few years, many different brands of double edge razor blades from different parts of the world have become readily available. While most are perfectly capable of performing the basic duty of cutting through hair, there are differences in each blade that have be taken into consideration.

Because every person’s skin and hair type is unique, it is very difficult (if not impossible) to recommend one blade over another. A blade that provides a smooth and comfortable shave for one person may be uncomfortable for someone else. Most people would assume that the sharpest blade possible equals the best shave; however, you will quickly find out this is not true. A blade that is too sharp can cause burning or scratching due to the friction of the blade along the skin, but the same blade may be too dull to cleanly cut another man’s hair and instead cause him irritation from pulling and tugging.unnamed (1)

In order to determine the sensitivity of your skin and your hair coarseness, some trial and error is required in determining which brand of blades works best for you. If you are making your first purchase of razor blades, it is highly recommended that you buy a small assortment of different brands and see how they work for you.


The edge on the BIC Chrome Platinum blade is well known for cutting smoothly while being rather forgiving. BIC blades are sharper than most of the blades in its price category, such as Derby, but do not have the extreme sharpness of Feathers. BIC blades are gentle on the skin and benefit many men who are still learning proper technique or who have irritation problems from blades that are too sharp.


Derby blades are one of the biggest sellers with shaving retailers and have gained a loyal following. The Derby has a smoother cutting edge than many other blades and works well for men with sensitive skin or that are prone to irritation from blades that are too sharp. While the Derby blades are much smoother, they still have a tendency to be a bit too dull for those with very dense and heavy beard growth. Derby blades are also one of the most inexpensive brands available, making them very attractive to many shavers who are budget conscious. For a beginner wet shaver, Derby blades make a great starting point in determining what works best for you.


Feather blades are renowned among wet shavers for their ability to easily cut through even the coarsest beard types with ease. Because Feathers are so sharp, men with very sensitive skin can find these a bit uncomfortable and overly aggressive. The use of these blades also requires that you are proficient in properly preparing your skin and creating a protective lather with your shaving soap or cream. While these are very high quality blades, they are not recommend for beginner shavers as they leave very little margin for error if you are not accustomed to proper pressure and blade angle with your safety razor.

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