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The Big Question- Are Guys Ready For Marriage?

Renezmai Rude   In a previous article, I talked about how to know if your girl is ready for marriage and seeing as some of us, *cough cough* especially  men are not the best judges of when to ask the question, I thought it would be an excellent idea to discuss how to know if [...]

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Is It Time To Propose? How To Know She’s Ready

Renezmai Rude  So the two have you been together for a while now, and you are wondering whether it is time to take the next step. Marriage is a huge step to take and it is important to be sure that the both of you are ready, if you think you are ready you may [...]

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What To Do When You Have Nothing In Common

Renezmai Rude As we all know opposites attract but just attracting isn’t always enough to keep a couple together, being to different and having nothing in common can create a rift in the relationship. So finding a way to make the relationship work can be a bit difficult but not totally impossible, all it takes [...]

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You Cheated and She Forgave You: What Happens Now?

Renezmai Rude  You betrayed her trust but she still forgave you, this happens more often than you might think, but now that it has happened to you your stressing about it because not only can you not do anything without her being suspicious, you are worried about if she will cheat. […]

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