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Mystery Surrounds Prince’s Death

Musical genius Prince Rogers Nelson is dead but not gone. As large crowds gathered outside his Minnesota home, the world continued to pay homage to the music icon by painting landmarks purple in honor of his Purple Reign on earth. While not as earth-shattering as Michael Jackson‘s death on June 25, 2009, Prince fans took the news [...]

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The Big Question- Are Guys Ready For Marriage?

Renezmai Rude   In a previous article, I talked about how to know if your girl is ready for marriage and seeing as some of us, *cough cough* especially  men are not the best judges of when to ask the question, I thought it would be an excellent idea to discuss how to know if [...]

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How To Navigate Valentines Day: You’re Not Alone

Valentines day, the one day out of the year where if you don’t get the person you’ve been with for however long a gift, you run the risk of them being mad with you for months, cheating on you immediately after or even breaking up with you. […]

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