By: Daniel Anderson

Have you ever taken time to consider why it’s important to have etiquette?

Who creates the rules that society imprints into the minds of individuals that are considered to be fitting. One of the things I can recall being said as a youth was “write hand written thank you notes after receiving gifts.” My initial question in hearing this was, what is the rationale behind this, if I said thank you, shouldn’t that be enough?

This is one of the many etiquette lessons I had to learn in becoming a gentleman. Perspective is created based on opinion, and experience. My experiences were limited at this point as I did not realize the amount of thought and appreciation that goes into taking the time to expressing gratitude to someone through the form of a letter. As I transformed into a young man, becoming attentive to detail was a necessity.

I was more vigilant when it came to things such as dinner etiquette, a man’s conduct, and basic chivalry. These dynamics were essential in providing me with a certain level of confidence regardless of what event or environment I was placed in. Here are some tips that may be helpful:

  • Whenever you’re on a date or in a formal setting allow the female that you are with to be seated first.
  • Know the difference between what to wear to a formal event, casual event, and or casual event.
  • When sitting at a table your elbows should not rest on the table.
  • Use a napkin when you eat.
  • Put the toilet seat back down. (I’m sure this is one that the opposite sex will definitely appreciate.)
  • If you see someone of the opposite sex, don’t just stare speak.
  • If you see someone of the same sex, speak. It will not kill you and it’s a strong possibility they won’t speak back but it’s always nice to be nice.

To answer the initial question I’m not sure who created the monopolies that we tend to follow but they have proven to be vital in certain environments and are sure to add texture in your every day happenings.

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