We have all been on that boring movie date or that never ending dimly lit restaurant date where you run out of things to talk about in the first 5 minutes. Let’s face it–they’re played out! How many romantic comedies can one man watch before he starts quoting ‘Love Actually’? Date night needs to be re-vamped, so here are 3 creative date night ideas that you probably haven’t thought of to give date night a boost.

Go to the arcade

I don’t know about you, but I am a kid at heart, and if your date is as well, taking her to the arcade might just be the perfect date idea. Plus, you’ll get to let lose and get to see their fun loving side and maybe even win her some prizes. Air hockey anyone?

Cook a Stay at home meal

If you’re good in the kitchen and know your way around the stove, this date idea is definitely for you. Women love a man who can cook. Plus, you’ll get to surprise her with her favorite food. If that doesn’t scream sexy for her then I don’t know what will.

Take a class together

This ties perfectly into the previous idea, as you can take a cooking class together if you’re not good in the kitchen. Taking a class together can be a fun activity that brings you guys together. Obtaining new skills and learning is a great bonding experience. The class doesn’t have to be cooking; it can be painting or photography. Go to your local library and see if they are hosting any classes. Just make sure it’s a subject you’ll both enjoy.

Whether you’re planning your first date, or hundredth, it’s always great to break away from the same old same old. Come up with some new ideas yourself. No one wants a boring date–especially if its a first date. So make it something memorable and enjoyable.



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